The Polish Connection

w/ Switzerland’s ensemble Peregrina

Friday, May 11, 7:30pm – Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral [map]
Saturday, May 12, 7:30pm – Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill [map]
Sunday, May 13, 3:00pm –  Immanuel Church, Highlands (DE) [map]

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This concert has been supported with a grant from  The Paul M. Angell Family Foundation.

Synopsis: The award-winning singers of ensemble Peregrina and virtuosic multi-instrumentalists of Piffaro part the veil of time and invite you into the mystery, conflict, and beauty of medieval Poland – land of farmers, martyrs, princes, and wingéd warriors.

500 years of sacred chants, popular songs, instrumental fantasies, dances and motets rarely performed in the U.S. will illuminate the culture of the lands between the Baltic and the Black Seas, from the early Polish state under Duke Boleslaw the Brave to the golden age of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

“The noble simplicity of the chants and the ethereal, bright sound of ensemble Peregrina make the sublime and mystic aspect of the Polish Gothic era feel present…it brings back the glory of the Piast kingdom.”  – Newsweek Polska

“They differentiate the subtle moods of pieces, expressing joy, glory, sadness or majesty in a natural way…Among artists working abroad, Agnieszka Budzinska, the founder of the ensemble Peregrina, is today one of the best ambassadors of Poland.”
Ruch Muzyczny

Playlist: From the 11th c. Bogurodzica to the 16th century Duma and the intervening 500 years of sacred chants, popular songs, instrumental fantasies, dances and motets, as well as a Magnificat setting.

From the Artistic Directors: The revival of early music performance over the past half century or so has probed deeply into many corners of European lands and repertoires, and even followed Europeans to the New World, parts of Asia and beyond. However, central European composers and their works, including those of Poland, have been unjustifiably neglected.

Our guests

ensemble Peregrina

Ensemble Peregrina, founded in 1997 by the Polish singer and musicologist Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett in Basle, Switzerland, researches and performs sacred and secular music from twelfth to fourteenth century Europe. The ensemble’s main interest lies in the early polyphonies and monophonic repertories of the Notre Dame school and Aquitanian nova cantica; the aim always being to look for a creative “counterpoint” to the mainstream in the less known peripheral sources.

Peregrina’s interpretation and style is informed by the original source materials and treatises, as well as the latest musicological and historical research. The ensemble strives to approach a performance transmitted in the sources as closely as possible without having to renounce a well-balanced and beautiful vocal performance.

The name peregrina, the wanderer, alludes to the transmission of music and ideas throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, but also reflects the personal journeys of the singers themselves. The ensemble members (coming from Poland, Switzerland, France, Finland, Germany and the USA) together achieve a dynamic balance through their differing origins, and they unite to emulate the interaction and convergence of the cultures and histories of the music they perform.

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Premium: $49
Youth & Full-time Students: Free

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